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(3-31 March, 2022)

Have you ever noticed the power of smells? The ones that take us back into our memories like a time machine. In a fraction of a second, they can make us travel in space-time; thanks to them, we find the sensation of a happy moment or, on the contrary, of a disturbing, even unpleasant moment.


Artist Vicky Sabourin experiments with the power of odours as a mechanism of reminiscence with her work

What the fragrant lilies are trying to cover up, to be experienced until May 15, 2022.

Visitors can experience Vicky Sabourin's project at the MAJ or at home by borrowing a box containing a collection of texts, objects and vials of perfume that revive the artist's intimate memories of her late uncle and grandmother. Thus, "she attempts to reproduce the olfactory landscape of a domestic intimacy on the verge of disappearing."

As part of this call for creations, we suggest that you think about your memory triggers. What objects, smells, tastes allow you to travel to your past moments? Are they good or bad memories? What do they evoke for you? Do these memory triggers work every time? If so, do the same memories always appear? Do they change with the passage of time? Do they fade? How do you translate these memories into creations?

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