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(8-31 July, 2021)

Casting is the process of taking an impression of an object in order to create a mould that will be used to reproduce that initial object. By extension, casting is also the name given to the resulting reproduction. In art, we generally associate this process with more traditional techniques (casting in bronze, for instance). Today, thanks to the development of plastic materials, among other things, casting is an integral part of the production process of many everyday objects, from car parts to toys to various silicone objects, and much more. Want to know how chocolate bunnies are made?

July’s theme for Quarantined Museum was inspired by the work of Chloé Desjardins, whose solo exhibition Rencontres [Encounters] is currently being presented at the Musée until September 6. The Montreal-based sculptor often uses moulds in her practice. She focuses, among other things, on the objects that surround, protect, or enhance the art works, such as containers and pedestals. Invited to revisit the MAJ collection, she naturally took an interest in the conservation devices and facilities for the works in storage, including inlays, painting racks, and filing cabinets.


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