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The Language of Intimacy

(3 -30 November, 2020)


Intimate: that which characterizes an object’s or one’s deepest nature, being essential to that thing or person, and which generally stays hidden, secret…

- Larousse


In the exhibition In the Name of Matter. The Imaginary Museum of Louise Warren, the walls of the Musée d’art de Joliette are blank pages onto which artworks are arranged like a poem. The Lanaudière-based poet and essayist Louise Warren opens the doors of her personal collection to illustrate the close relationship between art and literature.


The exhibition highlights the links between her literary work and the work of visual artists, and reveals the aesthetics of her essays and poetry: erasure, repetition, attachment, form, memory, collage, among others.


Louise Warren sees a poem as a painting, or an exhibition: a stroll through imagination. By unfurling her writing studio in the museum, Warren shares an art of living with forms, materials, and sensations.

For the month of November, we invite you to imagine a space where you feel good. A mental or physical space in which you are able to project yourself and express your most intimate thoughts. What role does poetry play in your life? How do you use art to create a language that is yours, a language of intimacy? If you had to represent your secret garden in a work, what form would it take?

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