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(6 -30 August, 2020)


DIY is the basis of creation. Using one's hands, grasping often simple or common material, and giving shape to something. Speaking of handmade, we can think of crafts, carpentry, sewing, gardening, welding, and, nowadays, open source electronics and robotics.


When typing "DIY" on Instagram, one discovers a whole world, but also an aesthetic, and one begins to dream of having all the talents. It is often a question of going back to basics, working with what we have at hand, with limited means (and perhaps on a shoestring). How do we relate to art in the most simple and direct way?


 For the month of August, we invited you to think about DIY culture and the handmade. What role does DIY play within your artistic interests or practice? What do you think about the relation between art and craft? Are they confronting or complementing each other? Which artisan gestures inspire you on a daily basis?

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