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(11 -30 June, 2020)


There are so many ways to approach the question of the relationship between art and architecture. This is what Nathalie Galego, Assistant Curator of Collections, pointed out in an article : Architecture in the MAJ Collection.


Inaugurated in 1976, the original building of the Musée d'art de Joliette was based on a model designed by its founder, Father Wilfrid Corbeil, and inspired by the work of Le Corbusier. In 2015, major renovations gave the building a more open appearance thanks, among other things, to large glass façades. On Saturday, June 13, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the reopening of the MAJ in its new setting. 

For the thirteenth call for participation of Quarantined Museum, we invited you to reflect on the theme of art and architecture. Architecture is the art of designing spaces and buildings. We asked you: If you had carte blanche, what spaces (interior or exterior) would you design? Or how could art transform the spaces you are most familiar with?


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