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(April 30-May 6, 2020)

Father Corbeil wanted to build a museum that would be a cathedral dedicated to the visual arts beyond movements and eras, a vision that continues to inspire us today. That is why the largest portion of our collection is in the field of contemporary art. This is a predominant axis of collecting, although we are always delighted to add exceptional ancient works to our collection. We are proud of the eclectic nature of our collection: this exceptional richness allows us to put works and periods in conversation. Today, by inviting artists and curators to interact in its permanent exhibition rooms, the Museum seeks to engage in an open dialogue about its history and practices. 


For the seventh week of Quarantined Museum, we spark your inspiration by inviting you to reflect upon the mission of museums: to preserve artworks forever. How important are museum collections within our collective heritage? When thinking about heritage, conservation and future generations, is it even possible to revisit and engage with these collections? How could it be done?  

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