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(28 May - 3 June, 2020)


The absurd, satire, caricature. These are all forms that may come to mind when thinking about the theme of art and humour. This week, we were inspired by the work of artist Cynthia Girard-Renard and the place of humour in her work through the use of colour, personification of animals, puns, and references to cartoons.

One of Cynthia Girard-Renard's strategies is to stage unusual associations that provoke surprising reversals or twists. Is humour an end point in her work or, rather, a tool? A tool of social criticism, perhaps?


 For the eleventh week of Quarantined Museum, we invite you to consider humour as a tool for criticizing the status quo, similar to caricature or satire. Does humour in art make it possible to see life differently? Does humour have the power to change things for the better?


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