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Social Distancing Portraits

Social Distancing Portraits 

“On March 14th I got frustrated with feeling paralyzed - sitting at home endlessly reading the news - and decided to do the only thing I'm qualified to do and make some art. I put a long lens on my camera and headed out by foot. As I walked towards the shopping centre I asked people from a distance if I could take their pictures from far away. Many said no, but some said yes. I wanted to see if I could capture this strange tense in-between moment we are currently in. Things are changing fast yet we're also sort of stuck in time not knowing what comes next. I’ll keep doing this as long as it makes sense - I’m hoping this project doesn’t last too long. These videos are all shot from at least 5m away with a long lens. These unedited videos try to record in real-time this strange period we are all in together.”

- Adad Hannah


It is a privilege for us to be able to share a selection of this new work by Adad Hannah. The Musée d’art de Joliette thanks the artist for this kind authorization. See the latest on or on Instagram @adadhannah

Our Glints and Reflections exhibition, curated by Lynn Bannon and Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre, will be presented this fall at The Rooms, Newfoundland.

Adad Hannah, Social Distancing Video Portrait 55 (babies don't do still edition), 2020.


"My maternity leave was supposed to end on Monday, so now it’s just continuing in some way. We have had to readjust our expectations for sure. I think we’re in it for the long-haul. Everyone is betting on a vaccine but it’s not that easy. Maybe we need to step back from this globalized world?"

Kate and Quincy



"It’s been a little surreal. I work in investment banking so my work is pretty much zero these days. Everyone took on too much debt for the last ten years and now there’s going to be some brutalness. It’s all a nightmare."



Music composed by Brigitte Dajczer @brigamusic

1975_1489 .jpg

Wilfrid, c.s.v. Corbeil, Vierge, 20e siècle


Alfred Laliberté, Les ailes brisées, 1920-1923

Wilfrid, c.s.v. Corbeil, Sans bien s'en apercevoir, il glissa à genoux, 1930


Inconnu, Judith tenant la tête d'Holopherne, 18e siècle


Inconnu, Portrait de Dame Barthélemy Joliette, 19e siècle

Inconnu, Sainte Anne avec Marie enfant, vers 1940


Inconnu, Saint Barthélemy, 17e siècle 


Louise Scott, The Procession, d'après le Corrège, 20e siècle

1982_017 .jpg

Eugène-André Champollion, Un coin de jardin, Antonio Casanova y Estorach, vers 1890 

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